Importance Of Assisted Reproductive Technology In Increasing The Chances Of Getting Pregnant

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Published: 17th May 2013
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Assisted reproductive technology or ART, as its name suggests assist in conceiving. This technology is something that is seen to be of great help to married couples who are having a hard time getting pregnant. Being with child is something that is seen by many to be a huge blessing, indeed. Pregnancy is expected to take place when two individuals engage in sexual intercourse within two years. When this does not occur, there might be simple problems like imbalance in the hormone system or improper diet.

If these simple issues are sorted out, things can be solved easily. Sometimes, the problem could actually be more complicated or complex. Getting pregnant would turn into quite a feat that is going to be difficult to accomplish. There might be a big block in the fallopian tube or development of poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Do not expect these cases to be solved by a simple modification of one's diet, or the performance of certain exercises. It might also take a very long time to cure poly cystic ovarian syndrome using home remedies.

ART will help a women get pregnant through an artificial manner. But this surely gives a good result. This is a reproductive technology that has certainly been getting positive reviews because of the equally positive results it has produced so far. These fertility treatments might be completely successful in some people. It could also be that these treatments are working effectively in clearing the road, so to speak, removing the hindrances that block them from becoming pregnant. Many are under the erroneous assumption that ART is supposed to be used only by couples who are infertile. This is not true. These treatments are also applicable to fertile couples who happen to have confirmation that their difficulty in conceiving has something to do with genetics. If you look around, you've probably come across people who have already started using in vitro fertilization techniques.

You will find that the cost to be incurred in assisted reproductive technology depends on the location or country. If you compare the procedures, you will also find differences in how it is carried out. At least this would solve whatever hormonal imbalance is being suffered. Best case scenario: it would result to pregnancy. The procedure that is most often employed is letting the person drink or ingest some medication. These medications or drugs are supposed to encourage the growth of the ovarian follicles. One cannot expect to become pregnant if one is suffering from anything that relates directly to the development of follicles. Regular ingestion of gonadotropins is bound to give better stimulation for the patient. Do not expect to fall pregnant in a matter of days. When these drugs are used on a regular basis, it might lead to pregnancy.

Another ART that is commonly used is the artificial insemination. Through artificial means, the male's sperm will be introduced to the female eggs in the uterus. In fact, it will be directly placed into the uterus or the cervix. Sexual intercourse is not necessary to carry out this treatment. Before the procedure, the sperm will be collected from the male. Afterwards, it will be inserted into the female. This technology, for your information, could cost anyone a lot of money. But it is very easy to perform and you won't be wasting a lot of time. It is important to obtain first the proper consent of both partners before they are given free rein. This sort of assisted reproductive technology procedure can be done even at home.

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